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Night Club



$10 Party Bus + Free Cover (Cover can vary depending on the event)

Must be 18 years of age or older.

Dress Code

Stylish dress required.

Call the venue

Weekly Events

Subete Tuesdays at Tier Night Club


Latin Night

Junes Thursdays at Tier Night Club


R&B + Hiphop Night

Summer Nights Fridays at Tier Night Club


Hiphop Night

Status Saturdays at Tier Night Club


Hiphop Night

Charged Up Sundays at Tier Night Club


Hiphop Night

Staurdays at Tier Night Club
Tuesdays at Tier Night Club
Tuesdays at Tier Night Club
Tuesdays at Tier Night Club
Fridays at Tier Night Club
Fridays at Tier Night Club
Fridays at Tier Night Club
Staurdays at Tier Night Club
Fridays at Tier Night Club

By offering the ultimate VIP experience, a high energy atmosphere, and infusing entertainment alongside it’s resident and guest DJ’s, TIER has redefined nightlife for all of Orlando. With over 10,000 square feet of party space, TIER sets the stage for the ultimate nightlife experience that Orlando has to offer. Ground level club goers arrive to an open atmosphere, saturated with the thick music setups of our unmatched sound systems and bathed in the lasers, lights, and the glow of premier club artistry. The birds eye view design throughout the nightclub gives guests a great view of the celebrities, VIPs, and Orlando’s most beautiful crowd.

TIER  offers VIP tables, private skyboxes, five full-service bars and a lavish main dance floor to dance the night away! TIER is also open for special events and is able to be booked for rental on off-nights. At TIER, we offer exceptional bottle service, embellished dance space, and exclusive booth seating to our VIP guests. We embolden our guests to get close and experience TIER……. Another Level of Nightlife!


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