Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you go to the beach?

Beach Trips usually occur once per month. There are instances where we will have more trips per month depending on the beach trips we have planed for the month.

How can I go to the beach?

We have a beach trips that occur each month. You can attend one by purchasing a ticket in the ticket center to the trip of your choice.

Do we have to reserve?

Beach trips are not booked through reservations but rather ticket sales. You would just need to purchase your ticket and that would reserve your seat in the bus.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets in the Ticket Center located in the BUY TICKETS TAB on the main menu.

Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code, however it is strongly suggested to bring warm clothing for the bus ride as it can feel somewhere around 65 degrees in the bus at times.

What is the plan for the day?

The itinerary for the day changes depending which beach trip you attend to. To find an accurate itinerary please check the ticket descriptions in the Ticket Center.

Do we have to hang out with everyone? Or can we do our own thing?

There is not set beach schedule that you must follow. If you would like to do your own thing at the beach you are more then welcome. We want everyone to enjoy their beach trips to the fullest, so we figured who would know how to make the day more enjoyable for you, then yourself. So our answer is no, you do not have to hang out with everyone.

Can we bring drinks or food on the bus?

Yes food and drinks are permitted in the bus. The beach trips travel time ranges from 1-8 hours depending on which one you are attending, and we want to ensure that you are comfortable and have everything you need.

What is included with the beach trip ticket?

The transportation is the only thing included in the trip price unless stated otherwise in the event description.

Can we drink on the beach?

Alcohol is not permitted on any beach in the state of florida with the exception to Cocoa Beach. If you are caught with alcohol the police will pour out your liquor and give you a $50 fine.

What time does the bus go home?

The time the bus leaves the beach varies depending on which trip you attend. Please refer to the descriptions on the events in the Ticket Center for accurate times we leave the beach.

I need help. Who can I call?

Wil the Photographer 407-569-7788

I lost something. Who can I call?

Wil the Photographer 407-569-7788

Will the trip organizer be with us?

Yes the organizer will always be present at the beach trips to ensure everything goes smooth throughout the day, so you can focus on having fun.