Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? Can I pay with a credit card?

The entrance to the clubs is usually included with the bus cover. However on select nights the club may have a special dj or different entrance terms that require a door cover. For and up to date door cover for select venues please write us at 407-569-7788.

Is there a dress code?

No shorts No hats No baggy clothes No slippers No sleevless shirts Must look presentable The dress code can change from time to time. For an accurate nightly dress code based on venue, text 407-569-7788.

How much is a VIP Section?

VIP Sections with a Bottle usually start at $150. For an up to date VIP section price please refer to the VIP manager of the club you are interested in.

The club won't let me in. What can I do?

Call Wil the Photographer 407-569-7788

What kind of music do they play?

The majority of the places we go have an open format dj, meaning they play house music, hip-hop, & top-40's music. Some nights however lean more towards or have a main focus on one genera. To have specific info on the music for the night, text us at 407-569-7788.

I can't get in VIP. What can I do?

Remain Calm. Do not get angry with the vip staff. Call Wil the Photographer 407-569-7788

I have a problem at the night club. Who can help me?

Remain Calm. Call Wil the Photographer 407-569-7788

I lost something at the night club. How can I get it back?

Call Wil the Photographer 407-569-7788 Attic Night Club: (407) 403-1161 Big Belly: (407) 649-4270 Chillers: (407) 649-4270 Eve Night Club: (407) 602-7462 Gilt Night Club: (407) 504-7699 Latitudes: (407) 649-4270 Tier Night Club: (407) 222-9732 Sun on the Beach: (321) 777-9483 Vain Night Club: (407) 835-3590 Vyce Night Club: (407) 649-0000

Can we bring drinks in the club?

No. You cannot bring alcohol into any venue.

How much dopes a drink cost?

The average drink costs run any where between $3-10 per drink. However on select nights we have drink rates as low as $1 per drink. Text us at 407-569-7788 to find out the current drink specials for the night.

What time do we leave the club?

We leave the club as soon as the music stops. This usually happens around 2:15 -2:45. But can vary from night to night.

I don't like this club. Can I go to another one?

If we have another partnered venue near by we would be happy to get you into another venue.

I don't like this club. Can I get my money back?

We cannot offer a refund in cash once the services are rendered, however, we strive on keeping all our guests happy so we will offer compensation with the services we provide for another night that would be more appealing.

I don't like this club. Can I go home early?

If you would like to leave early you can, but due to the amount of people in the buses that also depend on the bus for a ride home, we cannot offer transportation back to the housing until the end of the night. We cannot be responsible for your alternate means of transportation if you decided to leave early.

What days do you go to the club?

Every Night