FOAM MONSTER® Foam Machine Rental

FOAM MONSTER® Foam Machine Rental

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The Foam Machine is a powerhouse, shooting foam at a 45-degree angle into the air. This versatile machine can operate as a regular foam machine or a cannon. And with the rental, you’ll get everything you need except soap. It can fill a 20ft x 20ft area in under 5 mins!

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Introducing the newly designed Foam Monster® – the absolute best foam party machine in the industry! With its sleek black industrial strength plastic construction, this foam machine is incredibly durable and dependable. You won’t have to worry about it breaking down on you!

The Foam Monster® has a powerful 2-speed motor and a high rpm fan system, which means it can cover a lot of ground quickly and efficiently. And don’t worry about it being too loud – the solid mounted fan system keeps the noise level to a minimum.

Whether you want to hang it from the ceiling or mount it on a tripod, the Foam Monster® is incredibly versatile and easy to use. You’ll be able to cover large areas in a matter of minutes, so you can focus on having fun!

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